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God is so good!


NW Iowa … Saturday brought an inch of ice to our little corner of the world … then (as if that wasn’t enough) … we got about 4 inches of snow (some nearby towns reported 6 inches). Last week it was 50 degrees and balmy outside … Back to Winter!

So, those of you who KNOW me are wondering, “What does THAT have to do with God’s goodness?”! You know I don’t really ‘enjoy’ winter, ay? BUT there’s so much more going on in my life that I am celebrating!

Some of you know I’m working on a business start-up. My business partner, Kim, and I sat down last week and just ‘checked’ our priorities and decided we’d gotten off-course just abit. We were both worrying about the finances, rather than the women we are hoping to bless. So … we recommitted ourselves to keeping our focus on blessing others and letting God manage our finances.

I don’t know WHY I continue to be amazed when God does what He promises He will do (use us to His glory…and give us the desires of our heart) … but … yeah … I’m amazed … He immediately began blessing our efforts!

We had an information booth a couple days later at a local women’s event and were swarmed by the women … receptive and interested in getting our class schedules.

The next day, a woman came by the lab to learn more about our classes. She wants us to teach her so she can bless her mother-in-law on her 80th birthday in May! How exciting! This woman found out about us because I blessed someone else with a framed design … who then showed it to this gal … the blessings just come right back to you … it’s crazy!

Then one day later, God opened 2 more doors! We are standing READY to see where this all leads! It’s pretty exciting … especially since I KNOW this is God’s work … nothing we’ve done on our own! How much better, to let Him lead!

Then there all the blessings in the rest of my life!

  • Our son, Paul, and his wife, Andrea, are in Ethiopia on a mission with Drs. w/o Borders. We are praising God for their opportunity to be good and powerful witnesses to His Grace.
  • Noah, our 5-yr-old grandson, continues to walk and even run (his own version of it anyway!) … he is SUCH a miracle!
  • William, our  10-mos-old grandson, is crawling and learning to climb the staircase! His croop-like symptoms seem to be diminishing … giving his mama some much needed relief. He has a smile that can melt icebergs (maybe THAT’S the real source of our global warming issues?!)
  • Bruce and I are getting healthier everyday! The elliptical ‘gadget’ is getting a real workout nowadays!  PTL!  To enjoy all our blessings we’ll be needing our health!
  • Our daughters are ALL such beautiful women … talented in encouraging, coaching, and challenging other women in their lives.

Life is good.  God is SO GOOD!


Moving Forward


Today I figured out how to add more pages to my blog! Wooo – Whoo … this is exciting stuff … I’m demystifying all this ‘on-line’ stuff … one piece at a time! Having ‘some’ experience in computer software development I suspect I could save myself some headache by putting together an overall design plan, take a class or two, and buddy-up with some folks who’ve blazed this trail already … but …

Hey…where’s the adventure in that? Wouldn’t that be like reading the manual before using a new tool? Or getting out the instructions for putting a new toy together and actually following them? Sheesh! That’s stuffs for sissies!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


Tomorrow I celebrate the 29th anniversary of the birth of my first daughter, Tara. Oh…what a joyous adventure we’ve had! As I contemplated all that we’ve experienced together, I worked on a couple digital scrapbook pages for HER first daughter (who knows … maybe she’ll have another someday! Never say never.) As I’m packing to leave town for a few days I thought I’d keep this short and just share the link to the two pages made for my grand-daughter…she’s such a sweet girlie!


Savannah Shoes

Don’t forget to enjoy your coffee today! And keep an eye on our forum 1000Words Training (see link to the right) for some upcoming digital freebies!

Super Bowl Sunday is over…


Can’t say I saw much of the ‘action’ … but did hang out in the LR with DH … he watched TV and I played on the pc! As a former Indianapolis resident, I’m happy for the Colts … DH is ecstatic! Thrilled! He’s been a Colts fan for years! I’m imagining what my old workplace is like today…one BIG party I suspect.

During the Big Game, I tried out some new photoshop skills and got two pages done for my nephew, David. To see them, visit my gallery . That done, a friend and I braved the 18 degrees below zero weather and went to see the movie, The Queen.

Goodness. I’m not sure WHAT the screen writers wanted me to feel, but I found myself thinking, “How glad I am that the colonists left that governing body.” Do the Brits really think the monarchy is ‘at fault’ for Diana’s demise (as the movie seems to suggest)? Do/did they claim no responsibility for the way the general british population (and a fair number of folks all around the globe, for that matter) pumped up the market for ‘all things Diana’ … feeding the distribution channels that in the end ruined this woman’s life (she, of course, played a role it all of it-no doubt there). Aargh! Needless to say, while I did enjoyed ‘getting out’ of my igloo, will not go on my list of favorite movies.

Let’s all agree to stop living through other people’s lives and begin living OURS!

Coffee’s on!


This is my new blog. Decided to switch to WordPress after reading about some of the features available. Satisfaction verdict to follow.

I worked in a print shop until last spring when they decided to close local operations. It was during my tenure there I built my obsession with digital image manipulation (aka digital scrapbooking!). It was, actually, a culmination of a lifetime of experiences that suddenly all lined up and WHAM! Something like the cosmic BIG BANG theory on the beginning of life … this was the beginning of my ‘diital’ life, so to speak!

Now, I see photo ops everywhere. I wake up having dreamt about new ideas for scrapbook page layouts. I ruminate over ideas for crazy new artistic brushes for photoshop (I use both CS and Elements…currently exploring GIMP…I did tell you I’m addicted, right?) So, as a fairly recent empty-nester, when I have one of those sleepless nights…you’ll find me with a cup of coffee at my computer…having a ball!

In previous lives it seems like I’ve tried a bit of everything! IT Project Manager (international development teams – great way to learn to live on 2 hrs sleep a day!), Y2K (yeah…remember THAT?) project manager, Homeschool Educator (our youngest…wish we would have tried it with our other children…NOTHING like watching your child grow intellectually ‘first hand’!), Secretary, Small business owner, Hotel Desk Clerk, Dental Office clerk, Bakery assistant, switchboard operator, and probably lots of things I chose to forget?! It’s quite a list, ay? Needless to say, I’m beginning to realize I may be ‘attention challenged’ … I love to explore anything new! The one constant is technology…I always come back to using technology. It offers all the challenge and change I seem to seek out!

So now… I’m exploring the world of blogging, forums, and website ownership (which is a topic all its own!). ttfn!