Coffee’s on!


This is my new blog. Decided to switch to WordPress after reading about some of the features available. Satisfaction verdict to follow.

I worked in a print shop until last spring when they decided to close local operations. It was during my tenure there I built my obsession with digital image manipulation (aka digital scrapbooking!). It was, actually, a culmination of a lifetime of experiences that suddenly all lined up and WHAM! Something like the cosmic BIG BANG theory on the beginning of life … this was the beginning of my ‘diital’ life, so to speak!

Now, I see photo ops everywhere. I wake up having dreamt about new ideas for scrapbook page layouts. I ruminate over ideas for crazy new artistic brushes for photoshop (I use both CS and Elements…currently exploring GIMP…I did tell you I’m addicted, right?) So, as a fairly recent empty-nester, when I have one of those sleepless nights…you’ll find me with a cup of coffee at my computer…having a ball!

In previous lives it seems like I’ve tried a bit of everything! IT Project Manager (international development teams – great way to learn to live on 2 hrs sleep a day!), Y2K (yeah…remember THAT?) project manager, Homeschool Educator (our youngest…wish we would have tried it with our other children…NOTHING like watching your child grow intellectually ‘first hand’!), Secretary, Small business owner, Hotel Desk Clerk, Dental Office clerk, Bakery assistant, switchboard operator, and probably lots of things I chose to forget?! It’s quite a list, ay? Needless to say, I’m beginning to realize I may be ‘attention challenged’ … I love to explore anything new! The one constant is technology…I always come back to using technology. It offers all the challenge and change I seem to seek out!

So now… I’m exploring the world of blogging, forums, and website ownership (which is a topic all its own!). ttfn!


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