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Good Dirt


Well, today was my first day this year to play in the dirt! I just couldn’t resist. Officially, I was just walking to the back of the garden th check out the asparagus patch … you know … just in case … yeah-I do remember that we had snow drifts taller than I am only 3 weeks ago, but a girl can hope can’t she?!

So…on my ‘way by’ I just couldn’t help but stoop down and pull some of that wandering grass from the edges of my gardens. I’m sure it was quite a site … me, still holding the quilt squares I was bringing to the house from ‘grama’s little house’ (as our little grandson calls my craft cottage!) and the winter onions I picked, and the stray seed bag that’s been blowing around the yard since that big snow storm … all my jewels still on from my day of meetings … by the time I got back to the house both hands were caked with dirt/mud…WHAT A GOOD FEELING.

Everything smells SO good outside today! It’s been warm and muggy … in the summer I’d probably complain about that, but not now…it’s wonderful! Early this evening we even had a thunder-shower…a sound for cabin-fever-ears. All this made me very lonesome for my sister, who lives in Marin County, Calif … the smell outside in Iowa today SO smelled like I remember winter smelling at her home … oh for a week to go and play with my little sister… sigh …

My latest digital project! I was having fun with the new ‘sewing’ skills I’ve been honing!

coaster-2-4×4-only.jpg and       coaster-3-4×4-only.jpg

These layouts were modge-podged to a glass vase (rectangular shaped) and made into a pencil holder! pencil-holder-small.jpg

It’s a big step up from the ice cream container I was using, don’t you think???


Tales of London


What a weekend!

katy-3-small.jpgThe youngest has returned…filled with stories of adventure in far off places! She coordinated a trip for 8 college students over spring break, which from all accounts, was a complete success.  She has wonder-lust and we are quite certain she’ll find a way to continue exploring this globe!

Her visit to the farm was far less intriguing! All three days were spent in the garage … up to her elbows in grease … trying, with dad’s help, to get her car fixed … ah-yeah … keyword here is ‘trying‘ … in the end one of our cars went off to college. So much for that!

Garnett came to the farm for the weekend to do some quilting with boxes of 9-patch blocks for at least 20 baby quilt tops, one twin and one queen blanket (for her great-granddaughter’s wedding in August!) . We cut sashing for all and now sent it all back with her for the final piecing. There’s another busy weekend in our futures – when all those tops are ready to tie! I’m so thankful that she is still willing and able to do all this piece-work. We are making a dent in the stash that came from my mommy’s basement! She enjoys knowing that the baby quilts go to families in need.

Our son and daughter-in-law got caught up in the US Airways debacle on Saturday … they were on their way to St. Lucia … got as far as Charlotte NC and were promptly stranded there by the airline when their computers crashed nationwide. Needless to say, we have two sad adventurers now! The trip will have to be rescheduled … perhaps in the fall?

By Sunday evening, my honey and I quietly settled back into our respective chairs and spent a ‘silent night’ … phwewph!

Monday morning … the adventure continues! We get this photo of our sweet little granddaughter … ooof ooof ooof! She loves to climb on everything and is only beginning to discover there can be consequences. It hurts gramma just to look at it!

Every Climber has a Story!

Grandad’s Poem has a home


Just thought I’d post the final version of the poem I wrote during that lovely ‘little’ blizzard we had the first week of March! Some condensing happened. Found a photo of grandpa, added a wood stove to the background and did some fancy ‘foot work’ with pscs and voila! What do you think?

Grandpa’s Wool by Linda Jacobson

I certainly miss the smell and feel of the old farm house!

Put another log on the fire


Grandad’s Wool

without notice
it happened
the child stored them

memories of the
good ‘ol days, his
voice recorded …
deep, gruff, and undeniably solid

face memorized …
weathered and kind,
poised to deliver whisker rubs
without a moment’s notice

laugh captured …
treasured resonance, untrammeled

hands held dear …
big, scarred, strong

winter deflected by warm,
sometimes scratchy, always wool
shirts, whose cuffs hint of
hidden long-johns

years later, echo triggered
memories rush … all
threads in the mind’s fabric

wood fires, warm and fragrant
woven to the memory of
wool-covered arms that
stoked the wood-burner

floors creaking over head
entangled with his
laughter over childish antics
in the hand-dug basement while
stoking the wood-burner

the blizzard and the cup
now tightly knit into those
happy, carefree days spent
stoking that wood-burner

those relaxed winter mornings
faithfully stoking the wood-burner
did he know he unwittingly,
methodically lavished
intangible heirlooms
upon this child,

who would one day be
secure in the aloneness
wrapped in
memories of Grandad’s Wool

by Linda Jacobson
March 2007

Once every 50 years


So, that’s what they say … this level of a blizzard happens once every 50 years … so … at my age (49) it’s the worst I’ve seen and even better than that … in all likelihood, I’ll never experience another (this big anyway) IF what THEY say is right anyway.

Our little acreage has been beseiged by snow all day today. Even though I don’t like winter much, this has been a very beautiful day. Beyond the fence and tree lines, there is no horizon today…it’s a total white-out. If you can imagine, it’s much like being in my own snowglobe! The high winds have blown the path to my craft cottage shut – again! Poor Bruce, he’s blown that path out SO many times in the past 6 weeks…and now I’m needing his help…again! Luckily he has a handy-dandy snowblower – SO much better than a shovel on days like this! Of course, it would help IF he’d been snowed in ‘at home’ … alas…he’s in Sioux City…stuck!

There is ONE very big PLUS to a once-in-every-50-years blizzard … you get to stay in the house and play the day away totally guilt free! (at least in MY rule book anyway!) So today, I’ve been playing on the computer … trying out all kinds of fun new skills in Photoshop that I’ve been wanting to play with for a few months but things just don’t seem to slow down enough … there’s always something going on that prevents me from having long periods of time to really dive deep into something like this. It has been a Wonderful Day!