Tales of London


What a weekend!

katy-3-small.jpgThe youngest has returned…filled with stories of adventure in far off places! She coordinated a trip for 8 college students over spring break, which from all accounts, was a complete success.  She has wonder-lust and we are quite certain she’ll find a way to continue exploring this globe!

Her visit to the farm was far less intriguing! All three days were spent in the garage … up to her elbows in grease … trying, with dad’s help, to get her car fixed … ah-yeah … keyword here is ‘trying‘ … in the end one of our cars went off to college. So much for that!

Garnett came to the farm for the weekend to do some quilting with boxes of 9-patch blocks for at least 20 baby quilt tops, one twin and one queen blanket (for her great-granddaughter’s wedding in August!) . We cut sashing for all and now sent it all back with her for the final piecing. There’s another busy weekend in our futures – when all those tops are ready to tie! I’m so thankful that she is still willing and able to do all this piece-work. We are making a dent in the stash that came from my mommy’s basement! She enjoys knowing that the baby quilts go to families in need.

Our son and daughter-in-law got caught up in the US Airways debacle on Saturday … they were on their way to St. Lucia … got as far as Charlotte NC and were promptly stranded there by the airline when their computers crashed nationwide. Needless to say, we have two sad adventurers now! The trip will have to be rescheduled … perhaps in the fall?

By Sunday evening, my honey and I quietly settled back into our respective chairs and spent a ‘silent night’ … phwewph!

Monday morning … the adventure continues! We get this photo of our sweet little granddaughter … ooof ooof ooof! She loves to climb on everything and is only beginning to discover there can be consequences. It hurts gramma just to look at it!

Every Climber has a Story!


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