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It is never easy to lose a child. My heart goes out to all the parents of the children in the image below. Me heart aches
for the parents of Cho Seung-hui … I cannot imagine the agony they feel or how alone and helpless. No matter the path your child takes, you never lose the love you have for them. To know there will be many who will judge them on the actions of their son … unimaginable pain and no escape. I pray there will be good and faithful people who will step forward and reach out to them in Christian love just as they are reaching out to the families of the 32 victims. May God Bless and heal everyone personally affected by this very sad experience.


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Tax Time!


For years, we’ve been part of the ‘early bird’ group – getting our taxes filed by Feb 15, but this year . . . it’s a different story! We just have too many irons in the fire, I guess. Here it is, less than 48 hours to deadline and we are trying to figure out how to get the two of us to the accountant to get those papers signed! Between DH’s travel schedule and my time-sharing work at the two training labs (Ames, Storm Lake) . . . it’s going to be a struggle! May we remember this headache next January!