Monthly Archives: September 2007

Summer’s over? Already?


I don’t know exactly HOW the summer slipped by without me posting anything! Guess it was all the fun I was having with the grandbabies!

First we had Zac (16) and Noah (5) for a couple visits early in the summer. Zac loves to play just about any card game or board game you can think of, so … once he wakes up (around noonish!), we eat and then figure out which games we are going to play for the day. He’s an excellent opponent so I frequently lose! We play for blood and always end with a smile.

Both boys were with us for the July 4th parade and festivities, including a picnic by the lake and a ‘pirate’ shoot-out before bed. And much to our surprise…only ONE bad guy got away! Whew! Our little farm is safe once again.

About Pirates . . . Noah is firmly convinced that pirates live on Storm Lake. The ‘good’ pirates have their treasure chests stored in various locations around our little farm place (he ‘discovered’ those last summer while he was visiting … in actuality they are old steamer trunks we use for storage…some in the basement of the house and some in our out-buildings…some have contents that to a five-yr-old would look like treasure!)

Well, this summer Noah saw all the piles of dirt created by the construction of a new destination-resort being built along the water’s edge and decided there must be ‘bad pirates’ coming around trying to find his ‘good pirates’ treasures!

We had the boys off and on throughout the summer until mom decided they needed to return to the east coast for school … good-bye to summer adventure!

EARLY FALL VISITORS – Aug 21st I drove out to Kearney NE to pick up Tara and the two babies (Savannah-29 mos and Wm-18 mos) for a three week visit. What a whirlwind! We had a family wedding in Breckenridge MN, so drove north once Grama Garnett joined the crew. Visited with various members of the extended family while there for our four day tour.

Back home we managed to find time to work on the latest ‘play house’ … Savannah helped grama ‘paint’ (her paint bucket was filled with a water/milk mix…looked just like paint!). After the interior primer was one we put all the play things inside and let the little ones have some fun! Oh how fun it was! They were as busy as bees in there. The dollies have had enough food to last them at least till next summer’s visits.

Now…it’s back to just Grama and Grampa. So, hopefully I’ll find time to scrap and post some of the great summer adventures.

We’ll see!