Monthly Archives: November 2007



That’s what it’s been like around our household this fall … everything zipping by at break-neck-speed. I’m still trying to figure out just how to reconcile what I thought empty-nesting was going to be and what we are actually experiencing!

Our trip to Panama C.A. was wonderful! One week was spent with Tara, Nathan, and the babies at a nice resort on the Pacific coast (will have some fun scrapbook pages soon!)

coronado-wed-web.jpg(click to zoom)

The rest of the time Bruce and I explored the country. We wandered as far north and west as Boqueta, stayed at quite the interesting hostel in David, and ended our trip by staying at the old US Military Base in Clayton (now a suburb of Panama-the city) where we had the opportunity to sit on the balcony of a beautiful restaurant at the Miraflora Locks (stock photo below) and watch heavily laden ships make their way through…fascinating and very peaceful.

Miraflora Locks - Panama Canal

A few days after returning from this trip, I was off to Clear Lake (IA) for our Digital Scrapbooking Retreat. WHAT FUN! We had a fantastic group of women – stretched our knowledge and use of Photoshop, shared our ideas and inspiration with each other, ate fantastic food (thanks Annette!), laughed lots, and took time to enjoy the beauty of Iowa in the fall. Everyone is now signed up at DSP, so hope to soon see some of their layouts in the galleries there!