Monthly Archives: February 2008

Beam me up, Scottie!


Happened to catch a symposium on nano-technology (loved it! great food for thought!) not so long ago and then heard about research that’s making headway on ‘transport’ technology … I WANT ONE OF THOSE!  I figure if I could capture back all the time I spend in ‘travel/transport’ mode … WOW … that would be the equivalent of hiring a full-time person!

(hummm…maybe it would be better to hire the full-time person…at least that way I could have them do all those tasks I’d rather not be doing anyway … a transport beamer won’t do that for me … guess I’ll go and rethink all this …)    

Okay … just WHAT HAPPENED to December, January, and February and WHERE are those Jacobson Christmas Letter’s anyway?! 
December – I had surgery which ended up being far more difficult than necessary when I had a bad reaction to the pain meds – the side effects then caused problems with the incision sights when then made recovery take a full three and a half weeks instead of the 4-10 days. Aargh!  In the end, all is well and I’m better for having had the surgery. God is Good!

January – Can’t remember! Must have been hibernating! You DO remember that we now live in NW Iowa right?!

February – WOW! Had a fabulous time going out to California to visit with my baby sister. The list of cherished memories is LONG! There was the breathtakingly beautiful trip on Pacific Coast Highway between San Francisco and LA:

Day 1Day 1 – Monteray Californa … Cannery Row.We had quite a time playing around with this ‘idea’ I had for a self-portrait!  I was participating in a web-challenge which required my to post a self-portrait everyday for a month. Thought I could capture some of the ‘sights’ of the trip as part of the challenge.  Well…after about 20 shots … some so close to my sister’s sunglasses (the reflective surface) that I was using her cheek as my tripod! … we had a bit of a crowd gathering to see just WHAT those ‘crazy ladies down on the corner’ were doing! I have a suspicion that we may have made an appearance in their local newspaper that week. Laughed until we cried!