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Where did she go???


If you check this blog from time to time … just to see WHAT DOES someone do when they live in Tim-buck-tue … then you’ve probably decided I fell off the face of the earth!

In March we lost our access to the internet at the farm … you probably thought you heard a sonic boom about that time … it was just ME … one HUGE moan … HOW can I survive without internet access? YIKES! Well, I can honestly tell you (with a great deal of shame) that I went through a full-blown case of withdrawal from my drug-of-choice. My husband has the scares to prove it! (poor thing! can you believe it … he still loves me!)

Now, I have become accustomed to the weekly trek into town where I check out the signal strength at a variety of haunts. The campground is a good place to get online during the ‘high season’ (summer) … of course I have to make sure I have my laptop all charged up and prefer the weather to be cool and not humid. Next best is the public library, but their equipment is down more than up so it’s not dependable. The local coffee shop is VERY nice, but of course a coffee-addict can’t sit there for long without consuming lots of liquids! 

UPDATE: We had our grandson’s for the summer (or parts thereof). Noah (turned 7 in July) just now went home with mom and dad. Zac will be back for a short visit after spending time with his dad and his other grandparent’s – then it’s off to North Carolina for him.  Lots of fun stories from their visit this year. Watch my Google Gallery for some upcoming storyboards.


Zac and Noah arrive at MSP

Zac and Noah arrive at MSP











Aug 10, 2008 – I’ve just returned from trip to Minnesota for my nephew’s wedding (what a wonderful celebration they had!). I stayed a few days extra to work with my sister (on vacation from California) to scan as many of the old family photos as we could. With great determination, we were able to scan over 1800 images! Mom did her best to update the metadata with important stats (dates, names, events, and general notes).  We have so many more to go, but feel this is a significant start towards getting our family’s history captured in a ‘modern’ format that can be shared with all who are interested.

Thrilled to have had the chance to stop is at cousin, Carol-Jean’s, home! We tried to pack in years-worth of catch-up … would have loved to have the opportunity to stay long enough to attend the 90th Birthday Party for her Dad (Walter) who is a brother to my grandfather. C-J has officially been adopted into our family (Sara and I voted!) … quite sure we’ll be having some serious F-U-N together!

Not sure when I’ll update the blog again … perhaps while I’m in California on grama-duty this fall?