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What would you do?


Crash of Wall Street stock market, Great Depression (1929) . . . if you lost all of your money, what would you do to make it through until the economy turned around?  No doubt, with all that’s been in the news recently the thought has run through your mind. While quite serious, it can be fun to ponder. Here’s the path my mind follows:

Family – won’t get to see much of mine as they all live in other states, won’t get to see our kids and grandkids as they too have moved out of state, and won’t see much of the in-laws as they live 2 and a half hours away … too far to walk if gas is hard to affort. OPTION – could we work out enough to get in the kind of shape “hoping trains” requires?  rotflol …

Food – veggies etc are no problem during the growing season … I’ll just have to get all those canning jars out of storage and re-read the books on preserving foods (isn’t it amazing just how MUCH you can forget … not to mention how QUICKLY it can be forgotten?!)  The meats and dairy products would be a challenge though!  I don’t want to convert my craft cottage back into an animal barn (oh how sad that would be!).  Can you picture us hunting for eggs or milking a cow or a goat?  Who is going to churn the butter or make cheese (I don’t have a clue about either!) rotflol even more …

Clothing – we are IN LUCK! My little fabric stash (ok … I know! I used that word ‘little’ as a tongue-in-cheek!) and we’ll be set to wait it out! Hubby may want to retire though … can you just picture him in shirts made from the fabrics I’ve been stashing for quilting and for sewing dresses when I was working (yeah…that’s WHY they are still in the stash … who has time to actually sew them when you are working and once you’re NOT working there is no reason TO sew them anymore …!)  He’ll be quite the fasion statement with all his fellow highway maintenance crews!  ROTFLMBO now!

Heating (BIG issue for this frozen tundra Dec-Mar) – guess we’d be glad we didn’t get rid of our wood stash out in the barn! YAY! I found a reason to procrastinate on cleaning out the “Menard’s of Storm Lake” (as we affectionately call the contents of our big ole’ barn)!  Phweewph!  I’ll use this new-found spare time to read up on making your own cheeses and butter … oh ya, fer sure!

So . . . what would YOU do?

From Door County WI

From Door County WI