Monthly Archives: December 2008

Sunday Morning Musings


One of the ‘challenges’ a parent faces is how to instill in their children the confidence to ‘fly’ … to leave the nest, when the time comes. Well, now I realize you can do too good a job of it! Of our four children, one is now living in North Carolina with our two grandsons, another is living in southern California with our two youngest grandchildren, and one is newly married and living in Alabama.  Our youngest is still in college … we’re betting she’ll move to Alaska (thus we will have effectively sent our children to all the far corners of the USA … not counting Maine…but we’ve run out of children … perhaps the grandchildren will cover that region?)

So, one might wonder, “Are they self-confident and adventurous or do they just want to be far from home?”  For a time, you really ponder this.  You see the children of your peers settling in next door to their parents. They gather weekly to worship, to share some of the challenges of parenting the new generation, to celebrate life’s milestones.  “Was it really a good idea to encourage their need for adventure?”  “Why did we want them to be so independent …

Then, one day, the calls start coming.  They actually want your advice! I’m not saying they always follow the advice they seek…but it was a big day in our household when these calls started coming.  My DH and I were somewhat shell-shocked.  Of course, we know these children already know the advice we’ll be giving and we know in most cases that they are actually just wanting to hear the advice as a confirmation to what they were already planning to do.  It’s just nice to be back in the loop after the hiatus they took during the post-high school to college years.