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Welcome Ms Scarlett


I’ll admit it! This post is VERY late! Our most recent addition to the family arrived Feb 9. Her name is Scarlett and she’s adorable!  She was born at home (in California) and I was SO BLESSED … her mom and dad allowed be to be there (extra pair of hands to help with the older two children). Thanks Tara and Nathan for sharing such a special day with me!

You might wonder, “You’ve had three children, Linda. What makes this one different?”

Well! Now that I’ve been at a home birth … I can honestly say they are BY FAR the better way to go! First off, the obvious, it’s your comfort zone … no extra people, no institutional noices (intercom, machines, etc) … just you, your people, your sounds (music, etc), your smells, your stuff, … well you get my point, right?

Then there’s the midwives (yep…there were 2) and the dula (she’s a trained ‘helper’ … role is just to be attentive to the needs of the mama … backrubs, etc!) … all so quiet, gentle, reassuring … an amazingly calming factor in the situation. You know, I had visions in my head of what a home birth would be like, based on my experiences of giving birth (in a hospital) and what people have shared with me from their experiences in giving birth at home. I just had NO WAY to imagine the atmospher of a home birth. It was so peaceful (even during the hard labor and pushing stages … sure there was noise, but it was ‘with purpose’ and expected) … so focused … so beautiful!

Now … with no further adu … here she is … Ms. Scarlett!

(bbs with a photo! sorry! what a tease I am!)


California Visits


During our visit to California for the birth of Ms. Scarlett we had an opportunity to spend a day at the Santa Barbara Zoo. It rained (yeah…so much for that song, “It never rains in California, but girl don’t they warn ya…” RIGHT!) The grandchildren didn’t mind a bit … they got their rain gear on and hunted down every puddle in the place … stomped in them “GOOD & PROPER” like … and managed to have a grand day!

I’m going to work on my attitude on rainy days!


This layout is now available in Quick Click format … you buy it, you add your photos and journaling … then you are done!

Find it here:

12 x 12 QUICK PAGES - Life's A Beach Collab

Life’s a Beach


While on our drive to Alexandria for the Annual Special Olympics Minnesota-style fund raiser …  Polar Plunge … (youngest DD was the participant … we were just sponsors!) I had 5 and a half hours to play on Photoshop (DH was doing the driving!). I couldn’t help but play with that fabulous MegaKit from (March Collab).  Here a couple more Quick Pages that came out of the fun …

Life's a Beach (Panama Central America)

Life's a Beach (Panama Central America)

Here’s a link to the store … just in case you have a FAB photo from your Beach Adventures that need a place to SHINE!  The best part … it’s only $1.50! (I never said I’m paid well for this fun new job did I?! FOMCLMBO! I DO have lots of fun though … and at this point in life that’s KEY!)

12 x 12 QUICK PAGE - Life's A Beach Collab

Hula Girls Everyone!


I just accepted the offer to participate on a Creative Team for a new website devoted to digital scrapbookers … – all CT members are called HULA GIRLS … so … IF you know me AT ALL … you’ll know THAT was a driving factor behind my LOVE for the new site!  ROTFLMBO!

In ‘honour’ of my new ‘job’ (teehee…job…teeheeteeheeteehee!) this was my FIRST page design (now available in the store there!).  This is my darling granddaughter, Savannah, on the black beaches in Coronado, Panama C.A. She absolutely loves to spin, twirl, and dance … a simple request and off she goes! These photos are my absolute favorites!

Dance Dollie Dance

Dance Dollie Dance

Here’s a link to the QuickPage in the store:

 12 x 12 QUICK PAGE - Life's A Beach Collab
AND it’s only $1.50!!!  All you have to do is add your photos, some info on the little tag (date is always good!) and then maybe a small bit of journaling on the photo frames if you like! Isn’t nice having lots of the work done for you?