Polar Plunge!


You guessed it! That is the name of an event where some crazy people actually jump into a frozen body of water on their own free will!

Today we were in Alexandria, MN to watch our youngest daugher, Katy, and two of her friends jump in Lake Carlos. Okay, let me set the stage for you. It was 11 degrees below zero. There was a fairly good wind (and it wasn’t one of those warm summer-type breezes either). The town just received 10 inches of NEW snow the day before. IT WAS COLD!

Turns out, this is Katy’s SECOND Polar Plunge! Like us, you are probably beginning to wonder just ‘what’ happened to her mind while she’s been at college, right? I guess just last weekend there was a similar event near RedWing (where she is now attending classes on Instrument Repair). The jumped into the Mississippi River (well … technically … they jumped into a hole that someone CUT in the Mississippi River!).

I’ll be back to post some photos!


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