Library Monkeys!


These two just LOVE going to the library in Thousand Oaks. In addition to having a huge fish tank, they love to play in these ‘holes-in-the-wall’ in the children’s reading room.

On my last visit, the kids and I went the library while Mama got a body massage. After playing in the holes, having a tickle-tackle session in the outdoor courtyard, and visiting the fish tank we settled into a couple online computer games (letter recognition and ‘mouse’ training!). While there the library’s photographer came by and asked if she could take their pictures and use them for promotional materials. She thought they were so cute because they had headphones on and were 100% engrossed in what they were doing . . . thanks to all the ‘activity’ during the rest of our visit!kskj_twop_bydigichickweb1

Kit: All Right Now by Bianca Argollo

Template: 2-pg Layout No. 10 by Kristin’s Scrap Design


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