Postcards Grouped!


One good thing about long layovers at airports (at least those who are kind enough to have outlets for laptop users) … you get ‘stuff’ done while you wait … andthe bonus for the airport? with a laptop travelers much more patient!

After I finished my set of Postcards from the Edge (see yesterday’s entry) I got to thinking … (HEY! no snickering!) … I would probably LOVE to have groups of the postcards all set up and ready for adding to a layout. This is the result – what do you think?

Three groups of Postcards - Ready, Set, GO!

Three groups of Postcards - Ready, Set, GO!

I’m thinking I’ll go through my photo collection from last winter’s trip down PCH (ok … for you mid-continenters, that’s the TLA for Pacific Coast Highway … a trip I highly recommend – LA to San Francisco in Feb – beautiful!) and have several pages done LICKITY SPLIT!


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Wife, Mom, Grama, and Dreamer! I love all things crafty - sewing, pattern making/designing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, digital photography, digital scrapbooking, ... see? I really DO love all things crafty! If I listed ALL the crafty things I've done this list would require an entire page!

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