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In her mother’s hands


My mother will be 75 years “young” this coming December. I hope to have a memory book (hardbound) ready to give her featuring many of the treasured photos … beginning with her early years. Last summer my youngest sister (Sara) joined me at mother’s house where we spent a week scanning the family archives. I wish I had taken photos of mother’s dining room! I brought three workstations, a laptop, and a networking hub; Sara brought her laptop; we had something that looked like command central at NASA! Mother was a good sport! She entered all the metadata once we finished scanning the image … not bad for someone of her generation, ay?

This page is my first page for the section “In the Early Years”



One Kit Fits All Families


Talk about a SALE!!!


You are going to WANT to check out all the great sales for Digi-Scrappers this coming Saturday!  It’s National Scrapbooking Day (May 2, 2009)… so, of course, that means all kinds of sales and lots of fun challenges to participate in. Many of the challenges include great freebies and prizes.

My FIRST stop will be . . . where they are having 50% off ALL items in the store and their kits are BIG!!! Most retail for less than $5 or $6. Check out the FREE kit you get with any order over $10  . . . I just got it this week and it has 260 items in it!!!  It’s gorgeous!


Check out my post from yesterday … it was made with this kit … and I used considerable restraint as I only used 15 of the 260 items available!  Actually, deciding what NOT to use took me longer than creating the whole page!

In their store you’ll find all kinds of GREAT overlays to make your own papers, ribbons, and the like!!! They are great! If you’ve been in our classes you’ll know how to use them … just add color! A perfect match every time!


Did I miss any? Send them to me and I’ll be sure to add them here! This should be lots of fun! Won’t you join the fun? You will likely find me hanging around at any one of these sites throughout the day!

Take the Plunge!


I have been wanting to make some pages from the photos we got last winter at the Polar Plunge in Alexandria, Minnesota.


Background information:

In the deepest part of the winter here in the midwest part of the USA, Katy decided to participate in a Polar Plunge. With a raw temp near 0 Fahrenheit, she and two college friends jumped into a hole cut in the lake. The ice was thick enough to hold the crowd,  a hot tub, and the vehicles. The wind was straight out of the north (brrrr!) … our noses were numb!

The jumpers shivered for hours after their jump but Katy says, “I’ll be doing it again next year!”  Silly girl!

CREDIT: Summertime Fun by Stacey Crossley and Annies Blessing by Teri Mayo

Curious George . . .


Our daughter, Tara, is a professional photographer who specializes in photographing children (though I have to say . . . she does a beautiful job with any age! She’s even managed to capture photos of me that I actually feel good about! That is NO small order! Cameras have never liked me!)  Recently she took photos of a darling little girl who is about to celebrate her First Birthday.

Penelope’s favorite toy is actually a book. And, it’s not just any book, its a book about Curious George. Her mom says that no matter how big the fuss, if she hands this book to Penelope the tears turn to smiles immediately. I couldn’t resist making a digital scrapbook page for Penelope’s mom … that story was just too precious to pass up!



Lei-out is a scraplift of a page by Ali Edwards
Butterfly is from Pink Way by Erica Mathia at Scrapable
Everything else can be found in the fabulous Scrapable Store May Mega Collab. This kit has 260 pieces it … there’s something for everyone! I think they have a sale during the month of May … Buy $10 of store product and get this kit FREE … pretty sure that’s right. Might want to stop by the store on Saturday, May 2 when they have all items on sale at 50% off!
Here’s a preview of the kit and the links to help find it!
One Kit Fits All Families

Sleep little baby …


as Who can resist a sleeping newborn??? I was browsing through my stash of photos from Ms Scarlett’s arrival this spring and couldn’t help thinking how sweet she looked. That got me to thinking about the great flower photos Sara and I took while I was in the Bay Area.

I just HAD TO tuck her into the calla lily! Doesn’t she look cozy?


CREDITS: “Butterfly Queens: Meliti”, by Digital Anemona

A digital field journal!


Last January during my visit, one of the things we did frequently was walk to the neighborhood park – a four block walk if you take the ‘long‘ way! (Grama’s like to take the ‘long‘ way, you know) I love to bring my camera along . . . just in case! To keep the little ones from getting in the street I suggested we see how many ‘treasures’ we could find along the way.

The kids were thrilled! A TREASURE HUNT! They started hunting immediately. When they would find something they would hold it up to me and say, “Put THIS in the field journal Gwama!”  By “field journal” they meant they wanted me to take a picture of the treasure! Talk about fun! I now have all kinds of fun photos with them holding a treasure up to the eye of the camera!!! Hope to “write” a book for them with all these photos!


The kit used on this page can be found at
Butterfly Queens: Meliti, by Digital Anemona

Always on the Go!


Working my way through the mountain of images I’d like in a photo album! This is another set of photos taken last January at Malibu Beach. As part of my work at DSP in the mentoring program, I was teaching blending, clipping masks and custom shadows. To make the session productive for both of us I chose to use these photos … the completed page comes from that session!


Sweet Little Girl! Always on the Go! As much as you want to please Mommy, you just can’t help but RUN to the next exciting adventure! I love that in you and Hope you will Always have that level of enthusiasm for life!

CREDITS: These kits are available at
Tuesday’s Child by Stacey Crossley & Teri Mayo – S4H

Pink Way by Érica Mathia