A digital field journal!


Last January during my visit, one of the things we did frequently was walk to the neighborhood park – a four block walk if you take the ‘long‘ way! (Grama’s like to take the ‘long‘ way, you know) I love to bring my camera along . . . just in case! To keep the little ones from getting in the street I suggested we see how many ‘treasures’ we could find along the way.

The kids were thrilled! A TREASURE HUNT! They started hunting immediately. When they would find something they would hold it up to me and say, “Put THIS in the field journal Gwama!”  By “field journal” they meant they wanted me to take a picture of the treasure! Talk about fun! I now have all kinds of fun photos with them holding a treasure up to the eye of the camera!!! Hope to “write” a book for them with all these photos!


The kit used on this page can be found at http://www.Scrapable.net
Butterfly Queens: Meliti, by Digital Anemona


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