He’s got a ticket to ride!


Yesterday, Tara sent me some little thumbnail photos along with the story. They were on their way to the Thomas the Train Engine Station to play (they weren’t going to ride the train…just play in the play area). On the way, Wm found a coupon for an envelop company and was absolutely certain it was a ticket for the train! He wouldn’t be disuaded! He put it in his “pocket” … the space between his shirt and his T-shirt. Even when his mom showed him how to put it inside the t-shirt pocket, he insisted on doing it his way … to make it work he had to walk with his arm holding the shirts together so the ‘ticket’ wouldn’t fall out!  Just LOOK at his happy face! He’s as pleased as can be with his “FIND”!

Thanks for letting me share!


Oh William! You are so sweet! Today, I had promised that we would stop to play for awhile at the Thomas the Train Station. When you found this slip of paper (package contents from envelopes I bought) you said, “It’s TICKET money for the train, Mama!”
When I tried to explain what it really was, you insisted, “It IS money! It is TICKET money!”
You were SO HAPPY holding on to that “ticket money” a smile covered your face from ear to ear (that’s why I had to get these pictures!)  Then, when I tried to show you how you could carry it in your shirt pocket you refused. you preferred to slip it into the space between your outer shirt and your t-shirt, so you had to walk VERY carefully to keep it from falling out.
Sweet, independent, precious little boy! I love you so much!  Mama

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