Life is a daring adventure or nothing! (Helen Keller)


Just finished the second speed scrap for today’s festivities over at the Island! Our instructions were handed out one instruction every 10 minutes, as follows:

  • 3:00pm – Select up to 3 color photos. No more than 3. 1,2 or 3 photos will be fine 🙂 Do not make them black & white. I repeat. Do NOT make them black & white
    NOTE FROM ME-I don’t know WHY the three B/W images I chose seemed ok to me after reading this first instruction! Can you spell AADD?!!! Goodness! Luckily the moderator said they would be fine if I made them sepia! Whew!
  • 3:10pm – Choose ONE paper. Your paper must be solid (no patterns). Any color you’d like.
  • 3:20pm – Arrange your photos in the corner of your layout. They can be overlapping, tilted, anything you want. They must be in a corner of your layout.
  • 3:30pm – Take 3 straight ribbons and arrange them BEHIND your photos. You may use the same ribbon and recolor, but they must all be straight ribbons.
  • 3:40pm – Place 2 stars somewhere on your page. As big or small as you’d like.
  • 3:50pm – Add any other misc. elements that you’d like, and arrange them anywhere on your page that you see fit.
  • 4:00pm – Add a title to your page in an alpha that is the same color as your background paper. It can be a different shade, but the same color. 🙂 When you’re finished, upload to the gallery!
The part I find most difficult is that you are blindly moving forward … not knowing how your decision is going to impact the next step. Definitely NOT the way I would normally approach designing a page, but certainly a fun challenge! I’m amazed that the page even turns out, really!

I used Simply Scraps FAB kit … Key to My Heart by simply.scraps
I re-colored the ricrac from the kit to meet the requirements of the challenge. Created the DREAMS title by cutting it from the background paper and adding a stroke and inner glow. Also did a small bit of re-coloring to the two green leafy elements so they didn’t get lost in all this ‘black’. The photos needed a bit of help – removed the clipping (mostly on the black end of the histogram), and repaired some imperfections.

The story behind the photo and quote … my parent’s marriage produced seven ‘wonderful’ children (could I be biased???!!!), but eventually ended after years of struggling with my father’s alcohol addiction. Sometimes dreams don’t turn out the way we’d envisioned, but God has been faithful! All seven children are successful, faithful, and contributing members of their communities . . . I love them all very much!

Life is an adventure to be sure! Thanks for stopping by!


About Linda Jacobson

Wife, Mom, Grama, and Dreamer! I love all things crafty - sewing, pattern making/designing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, digital photography, digital scrapbooking, ... see? I really DO love all things crafty! If I listed ALL the crafty things I've done this list would require an entire page!

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