The Way to “Do” Winter!


With the Iowa winter in full swing and a new grand-daughter on the way in California, we did what any self-respecting Iowan would do . . . head WEST! . I left for California first, to spend time with Tara and family for a couple weeks (Tara and I were hoping baby Scarlett would arrive in January!) Bruce drove out about a week after I’d arrived. Then, Ron and Cheryl joined us about a week after Bruce arrived. We stayed in a condo on the beach at Mandalay Bay in Oxnard (just south of Ventura)

Our first morning at the condo was a beautiful, sunny day, so we decided to enjoy a walk on the beach. I got to feeling bad for those we’d left behind to fight the snow without us, so scratched a message into the sand (“Hello Iowa”) and took pictures so we could send some words of encouragement via email. This photo was for Cheryl’s co-workers.


Page 1-Winter Wonderings                  (Credit: Cowboy Up page kit by Laurinda’s DigiScraps)

Page 2-Beach Walk (Credits: Cowboy Up page kit by Laurinda’s DigiScraps)

The next day, Tara brought William over while Savannah was at pre-school. We had a nice time just relaxing on the beach!

Page 3 – Chasing waves (Credits: Cowboy Up page kit by Laurinda’s DigiScraps)

Ron and Cheryl wanted to see the sights, so Bruce played tour guide one day while I spending the day with Tara and the kids. Based on their photos it looks like they had a great time! They hit all the highlights – The El Capitan theatre, Mels Diner, the Hollywood Stars, the famous pier in Malibu, and so much more!

Page 4-Postcards from the Edge (Credits: Cowboy Up page kit by Laurinda’s DigiScraps)


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