Summertime fun … 2001


Not sure just HOW so many years have flown by! Today I needed a creative break, so went through my stash of old photos and ‘bumped into’ my folder with photos from a FABULOUSLY FUN garden party we had on our acreage back in June 2001.

The summer of 2000 Katy and I started converting the outbuilding we’d been using for garden supplies and doggie camp/kitty refuge since 1996. We didn’t have a working budget, so spent much time at the local recycling plant. WOW do they have some great supplies there! Most folks in our area call that my favorite shopping center! LOL!

We tore out the interior beams and gates, built trusses to replace them (didn’t want the roof to fall in on us!), power-washed the inside, ran wiring, hung insulation and wallboard, helped install windows (recylced from the house…sure glad we saved them), installed light fixtures and doors. We even managed to build a pergola along the south side of the building where there was a concrete slab.

My sisters, Sandy and Wanda, came and helped us paint, sew curtains, and decorate … what fun we had! Sister Sara came up with a beautiful idea to cover the ugly (freebie) air conditioner – she painted a window screen which we hung directly in front of the conditioner … perfect solution!

“Grama’s Little House” (as its now known) has two small rooms just inside the front door … the room to the left was all set up as a playhouse for children. A frig, stove, sink, table and four chairs, ironing board, folding clothes dryer, doll crib, dolls, doll cloths, hats, gloves, doll-closet, books, and games. Even a comfy foam floor!

My mother came for a visit in the early months of spring and helped sew outfits for all the dollies we could round up. We wanted the little girls to have lots of fun at the garden party.

The gardens at the acreage are numerous and large! We had chairs and tables arranged throughout. My sweet hubby helped managed all the cars … he played valay and drove them to our “kite field” (yep…we even have a large, manicured area just for flying kites!)

All in all … it was certainly a Day to Remember!  This is my first page … finally … of a memory book for this event.

Summertime Fun 2001

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