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Life and Cherries …


I am TOTALLY the Queen of Do-Overs! Today I just couldn’t leave the layout I did the other day of my sister, Wanda, alone! While traveling home yesterday I got to playing with the kit by RoseMadeDesigns and made myself an alpha from the cute little cherries. Today I had fun doing a Make-Over on the layout … what do you think?

Original version:

New version:


Font – Another Typerwriter

Kit – Happy Cherries Kit and Alpha (Personal) by RoseMadeDesigns


Beautiful, beautiful girl!


Just spent a week with our precious little granddaughter, Emily. What a joy! She has a smile that will melt even the hardest of hearts!!! And huge big blue eyes!

Since getting photos from her mama is harder than getting into the private quarters of the White House (unless you count cell phone images … but WHO can make a fun scrapbook page with those?) I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and take photos while she was here. These two photos were taken of her having a ride in our big old tire swing. She was all smiles!

Ocean Side by geniaBeana scraps (the REWARD for our Swim School Swimmers this week!)
Font – Celine Dion Handwriting

Stop by the Swimming School and see what we are learning this week!

A dream is a wish your heart makes


Quote from the movie, “Cinderella”

Photos: Our 3 year old granddaughter who LOVES swirlie dresses … she LOVES to spin! Off she goes into her little dream world!


Some cluster elements are from Back to Basic – Project B Designs

Paper is a blend of papers from Thinking of Marietta by Minicakes Designs with a text overly containing the full quote by Cinderella

The photo frames and wood box, as well as all the flowers and heart elements are also by Thinking of Marietta by Minicakes Designs

Font is Jane Austin

TFL! 😉

What a wonderful world!


I love to take photos of the sky … have an entire library of sky photos … a fetish I guess. So, when the challenge over at required someone to make a page featuring the second verse from the song, “What a Wonderful World” I happily signed up! This is my submission for the contest.

Sara took the large photo of me in 2008 while we toured our way south on Pacific Coast Highway. This was me, Day 1 of the trip, at Pebble Beach.  Loved traveling with a sister … she doesn’t mind when you just HAVE to stop so you can take “yet another” picture of the sky and water, or trees, or hills, or rocks, … etc! Had such a great time … it will always be a favorite in my memories of adventure.

The photo in the top right corner was taken last week at Storm Lake, Iowa. We were enjoying a picture-perfect summer day, ending with some fun in the lake with Stacey, Noah, Emily, Grampa and me!  That cloud was stunning!

Inner LO BG paper – Heart Song page kit by Minicake Designs
The two papers behind the LO – Tranquilty by Genia Beana Scraps

Photo frames – Happily Ever After Mega by Garden Girl Designs
Flourish, Birdies, Grass, and Piano keys – Heart Song page kit by Minicake Designs
Sparkles and small glass buttons – Tranquilty by Genia Beana Scraps

Adobe Caslon Pro

Apple of their eyes!


It’s quite a journey . . . working through the family photo archives! This week I’ve been working on the photos of my parents with their first baby (my sister). I’ve never really thought a lot about their experiences as a young, married couple, so this has definitely given me new things to rhuminate over.

Some of the obvious things come to mind . . . like, who got up in the middle of the night with the baby? Obviously mother had to as she was nursing, but did dad get up too? Did he help with any of the baby activities? Bath time? Changing diapers? OH! That got me to thinking about d-i-a-p-e-r-s . . . no disposables! And sure enough . . . on of the old photos there’s a clothesline full of diapers in the background!  (I have a page in process with that photo in it!)

I found pictures of them with their new little baby on traveling adventures – one trip was to visit mother’s oldest sister for the baptism of her first baby (about 200 miles) and another trip was to a town about 70 miles East. So  . . .  they obviously didn’t have car seats back then . . . What car did they drive (make & model)? I LOVE old cars! Did dad do all the driving? When did mom learn to drive? Who taught her? Did mom hold the baby while dad drove or did she lay her down? If she laid her down, did she lay her on the seat or on the floor? It’s funny to think about how different their world was than ours!

Guess I’ll have some fun topics for my next coffee-time call with mom!

My oldest sister at 5 months old … another page for mother’s book!

PURE page kit by Dirty Feet Designs