Carpeted Bird Nest?


Did you scoof at the idea? Well, let me tell you . . . there’s a bird that carpeted her nest this spring in my mother’s backyard! Here’s the story!

One morning this spring mom was out early to begin uncovering her roses on the little bench/archway. As she walked under the arch she thought she’d walked into a big spider’s web – something brushed her face and hair – UGG! When she brushed it away from her face, she discovered it was a long piece of carpet string. But, wait! What was a carpet string doing dangling from the roof of the arbor?

Now that carpet string wasn’t really just dangling … it was actually draping down to the ground and running over to the piece of old carpet mom uses under her picnic table and chair (HEY! I heard you snicker! She had gorgeous flower gardens … so gorgeous that you easily overlook that retro-70s carpet sitting there! Besides, it’s been there long enough to have become part of the scenery now!)

As I was saying … that string … connecting the archway to the picnic table carpet … ODD indeed! Upon further investigation, an ambitious bird had pulled and pulled until she’d freed that string from it’s bondage and carried it to her nest-under-construction and carefully wove it amongst the rest of her beautifully crafted nest! Voila! A carpet bird nest!

Mother got a pair of scissors and cut the string off (no point in having a string that draws the cats’ attention to a nest of baby birds!) and then grabbed her camera and got some great shots of the babies.

I got to see the nest (and I will attest to the validity of the carpeting!), but the babies had long since graduated from the nest of their youth! What interesting things go on in my mother’s gardens when no one is looking!

Nature Awakens
Signs of Spring by Project B


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