Quick keys for Perspective Transform


CTRL + ALT + SHIFT held down when you are in the Free Transform mode will give you the PERSPECTIVE tool! Just hover your mouse near a center control box and you’ll see an extra double arrow appear next to your cursor arrow. This will allow you to stretch the shadow so it looks like a long shadow cast by a low angle light.

In the LO below, you can see the results of a Perspective Transformation if you look closely at the shadows on the “Tickle Monsters” at the bottom.

(Click the image to see a larger version)


About Linda Jacobson

Wife, Mom, Grama, and Dreamer! I love all things crafty - sewing, pattern making/designing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, digital photography, digital scrapbooking, ... see? I really DO love all things crafty! If I listed ALL the crafty things I've done this list would require an entire page!

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