Apple of their eyes!


It’s quite a journey . . . working through the family photo archives! This week I’ve been working on the photos of my parents with their first baby (my sister). I’ve never really thought a lot about their experiences as a young, married couple, so this has definitely given me new things to rhuminate over.

Some of the obvious things come to mind . . . like, who got up in the middle of the night with the baby? Obviously mother had to as she was nursing, but did dad get up too? Did he help with any of the baby activities? Bath time? Changing diapers? OH! That got me to thinking about d-i-a-p-e-r-s . . . no disposables! And sure enough . . . on of the old photos there’s a clothesline full of diapers in the background!  (I have a page in process with that photo in it!)

I found pictures of them with their new little baby on traveling adventures – one trip was to visit mother’s oldest sister for the baptism of her first baby (about 200 miles) and another trip was to a town about 70 miles East. So  . . .  they obviously didn’t have car seats back then . . . What car did they drive (make & model)? I LOVE old cars! Did dad do all the driving? When did mom learn to drive? Who taught her? Did mom hold the baby while dad drove or did she lay her down? If she laid her down, did she lay her on the seat or on the floor? It’s funny to think about how different their world was than ours!

Guess I’ll have some fun topics for my next coffee-time call with mom!

My oldest sister at 5 months old … another page for mother’s book!

PURE page kit by Dirty Feet Designs


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