Office in Paradise!


This is the final week of the Battle of the Creative Teams at and the requirement we were given was to do a layout using two of our teammates designs as inspiration (a double scraplift). As a team we added the challenge of making “Paradise” a theme in each layout we would create.

After a week of thinking about “Paradise” I decided that, rather than featuring any one of the vacations we’ve taken to tropical paradises (Hawaii, Cancun, Nassau the Bahamas, Tampa, Panama, Malibu, Bay Area … so … you see why THAT would have been difficult, right?) I decided to feature my “personal” paradise … the office I get to work from whenever I’m home (and the weather cooperates!)

In the middle of that large panoramic photo near the top of the LO there is a semi-small tree … hidden behind it in the middle of that large garden is a gazebo (see center photo) where I love to work on my laptop during the non-winter months in Iowa … it’s a piece of Heaven right here at home! Thanks to my mom I have many beautiful flowers surrounding the gazebo and the tree line provides the most beautiful “whisper” as a backdrop to the songs being sung by the many birds that live on our little acreage. IF I had an adirondak chair in the gazebo no doubt I’d take a nap-break on occassion!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I’m up to!

To the far left of the large photo is my “play house” … where I do all kinds of crafting (sewing, card making, quilting, … etc), exercise with my business partner/physical trainer, and I’ve even entertained various women’s groups there! It is an outstanding play house and big part of my personal paradise! Did I mention I’m blessed? Perhaps one day I’ll make a ‘spread’ for show & tell, it’s quite a story!

KIT: Scrapable’s August Mega Collab – Island Sampler

FONT: Chelsea


About Linda Jacobson

Wife, Mom, Grama, and Dreamer! I love all things crafty - sewing, pattern making/designing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, digital photography, digital scrapbooking, ... see? I really DO love all things crafty! If I listed ALL the crafty things I've done this list would require an entire page!

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