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The Southernmost Point


The southernmost point in the continental U.S.A is found on the island of Key West, Florida. We gathered early in the morning at the site of the famous marker for some group shots and manditory “ooooo-ing” and “ahhhhh-ing” which the boys found borish. Fortunately we were able to find some interesting things later in the day that pleased them.

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Fun And Games Collection
Fun And Games Collection by Kim Meeder

Page Map by Becky Fleck


It’s all about … the HUNT!


Emily had soooooo much fun hunting for the eggs … especially once she discovered that there were sweet treats inside the eggs! She would find an egg … crack it open … eat the treats (or hand them to anyone nearby once she’d had a few) … then quickly run to find another! We had so much fun watching her joy in the process! Some traditions are truly excellent, ay?