Having moved to Birmingham, Alabama from Northwest Iowa in 2010, I now find myself at one of the most exciting stages of my life … Empty Nester Grama!

Our children have scattered to the four winds! North Carolina (daughter and two grandsons), Alabama (son and daughter-in-law and their two children … living about 20 miles from us), California (daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren), Missouri (youngest daughter). While we are often envious of our friends who have their grandchildren living near home, we do have built-in vacation destinations!

I’m a dabbler!  My professional journey has been a ‘hilly’ path … including just about everything from switchboard operator to being an IT (Information Technology) project manager for a fortune 500 company, an independent consultant to companies both small and large in the area of business and technology integration, and building a training company for Adobe’s Photoshop software (focused mainly on digital scrapbooking learners). My most recent efforts are on opening a little training studio next door to our home. I will be offering all kinds of classes there!

  • Photo editing
  • Digital Scrapbooking
  • Sewing
  • Knitting/Crocheting
  • Paper Crafting
  • and a variety of technology classes

I love a challenge and never shy away from trying something new … technology has been a great source of intellectual & professional passion for me!

My hobbies are numerous:

  • Restoring a neglected acreage in the middle-of-nowhere into an oasis! In the process I somehow became an avid recycler. Many of my materials for restoration projects came directly from the county dump and someday soon I’ll get some photos in my gallery to show you just what can be done with cast-offs! Pretty amazing stuff.
  • I love flower gardening…had a ‘rather large’ group of gardens on our acreage in Iowa. This hobby came to me via several generations of flower-loving women on both sides of my family.
  • I enjoy sewing and made many of my children’s garments as they were growing up. Now I’ve been enjoying the use of my sewing skills in the craft of quilting … who would have thought I would cut perfectly good fabric all to pieces just so I could sew it all back together! Well … I love it! Go figure!
  • I love to travel – exploring this beautiful earth – places far away and places nearby – equally exciting!
  • I have a fetish for all things ‘art’ … paper, ink, paint, textiles (ribbons, buttons, brads, …!) so when I came across rubber stamping and scrapbooking … goodness … I had a blast! Even converted one of the outbuildings on our acreage into a ‘play house’ for ME and my crafts! Now I have “the house next door” … God is GOOD to me!
  • Digital photography is something I’ve been dabbling in since moving from Indianapolis. The ability to take a photo, open it, manipulate it … well … let’s just say I’ve become intimate friends with Photoshop!
  • Last but NOT least … digital scrapbooking! When I stumbled across this blend of information technology (my profession), digital photography and scrapbooking … I WAS HOOKED! Nowadays I wake up dreaming about new things I must try in Adobe’s Photoshop software! It’s eliminated the roadblock I’ve always had when it comes to general art…that blank page thing…now that I’m using a computer I have no fear…I’ll try just about anything (I just LOVE the UNDO History tools!)
  • Encouraging people – I like to help people dream, expand their visions for their life, help them reach beyond their ‘comfy rut’ … it’s such a kick to see their surprise when they discover they CAN do so much more than they ever dared imagine … folks who know me will agree … I like to ‘stoke the fire’ in others!

MY MOST FAVORED ROLE and activity – being Grandma! There just isn’t anything I’d rather do than to spend time with any or all of our grandkids … all the cares of the world just melt away, disappear.  Absolute heaven on earth!