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Sunday Morning Musings


One of the ‘challenges’ a parent faces is how to instill in their children the confidence to ‘fly’ … to leave the nest, when the time comes. Well, now I realize you can do too good a job of it! Of our four children, one is now living in North Carolina with our two grandsons, another is living in southern California with our two youngest grandchildren, and one is newly married and living in Alabama.  Our youngest is still in college … we’re betting she’ll move to Alaska (thus we will have effectively sent our children to all the far corners of the USA … not counting Maine…but we’ve run out of children … perhaps the grandchildren will cover that region?)

So, one might wonder, “Are they self-confident and adventurous or do they just want to be far from home?”  For a time, you really ponder this.  You see the children of your peers settling in next door to their parents. They gather weekly to worship, to share some of the challenges of parenting the new generation, to celebrate life’s milestones.  “Was it really a good idea to encourage their need for adventure?”  “Why did we want them to be so independent …

Then, one day, the calls start coming.  They actually want your advice! I’m not saying they always follow the advice they seek…but it was a big day in our household when these calls started coming.  My DH and I were somewhat shell-shocked.  Of course, we know these children already know the advice we’ll be giving and we know in most cases that they are actually just wanting to hear the advice as a confirmation to what they were already planning to do.  It’s just nice to be back in the loop after the hiatus they took during the post-high school to college years.




It is never easy to lose a child. My heart goes out to all the parents of the children in the image below. Me heart aches
for the parents of Cho Seung-hui … I cannot imagine the agony they feel or how alone and helpless. No matter the path your child takes, you never lose the love you have for them. To know there will be many who will judge them on the actions of their son … unimaginable pain and no escape. I pray there will be good and faithful people who will step forward and reach out to them in Christian love just as they are reaching out to the families of the 32 victims. May God Bless and heal everyone personally affected by this very sad experience.


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Tax Time!


For years, we’ve been part of the ‘early bird’ group – getting our taxes filed by Feb 15, but this year . . . it’s a different story! We just have too many irons in the fire, I guess. Here it is, less than 48 hours to deadline and we are trying to figure out how to get the two of us to the accountant to get those papers signed! Between DH’s travel schedule and my time-sharing work at the two training labs (Ames, Storm Lake) . . . it’s going to be a struggle! May we remember this headache next January!

Put another log on the fire


Grandad’s Wool

without notice
it happened
the child stored them

memories of the
good ‘ol days, his
voice recorded …
deep, gruff, and undeniably solid

face memorized …
weathered and kind,
poised to deliver whisker rubs
without a moment’s notice

laugh captured …
treasured resonance, untrammeled

hands held dear …
big, scarred, strong

winter deflected by warm,
sometimes scratchy, always wool
shirts, whose cuffs hint of
hidden long-johns

years later, echo triggered
memories rush … all
threads in the mind’s fabric

wood fires, warm and fragrant
woven to the memory of
wool-covered arms that
stoked the wood-burner

floors creaking over head
entangled with his
laughter over childish antics
in the hand-dug basement while
stoking the wood-burner

the blizzard and the cup
now tightly knit into those
happy, carefree days spent
stoking that wood-burner

those relaxed winter mornings
faithfully stoking the wood-burner
did he know he unwittingly,
methodically lavished
intangible heirlooms
upon this child,

who would one day be
secure in the aloneness
wrapped in
memories of Grandad’s Wool

by Linda Jacobson
March 2007

God is so good!


NW Iowa … Saturday brought an inch of ice to our little corner of the world … then (as if that wasn’t enough) … we got about 4 inches of snow (some nearby towns reported 6 inches). Last week it was 50 degrees and balmy outside … Back to Winter!

So, those of you who KNOW me are wondering, “What does THAT have to do with God’s goodness?”! You know I don’t really ‘enjoy’ winter, ay? BUT there’s so much more going on in my life that I am celebrating!

Some of you know I’m working on a business start-up. My business partner, Kim, and I sat down last week and just ‘checked’ our priorities and decided we’d gotten off-course just abit. We were both worrying about the finances, rather than the women we are hoping to bless. So … we recommitted ourselves to keeping our focus on blessing others and letting God manage our finances.

I don’t know WHY I continue to be amazed when God does what He promises He will do (use us to His glory…and give us the desires of our heart) … but … yeah … I’m amazed … He immediately began blessing our efforts!

We had an information booth a couple days later at a local women’s event and were swarmed by the women … receptive and interested in getting our class schedules.

The next day, a woman came by the lab to learn more about our classes. She wants us to teach her so she can bless her mother-in-law on her 80th birthday in May! How exciting! This woman found out about us because I blessed someone else with a framed design … who then showed it to this gal … the blessings just come right back to you … it’s crazy!

Then one day later, God opened 2 more doors! We are standing READY to see where this all leads! It’s pretty exciting … especially since I KNOW this is God’s work … nothing we’ve done on our own! How much better, to let Him lead!

Then there all the blessings in the rest of my life!

  • Our son, Paul, and his wife, Andrea, are in Ethiopia on a mission with Drs. w/o Borders. We are praising God for their opportunity to be good and powerful witnesses to His Grace.
  • Noah, our 5-yr-old grandson, continues to walk and even run (his own version of it anyway!) … he is SUCH a miracle!
  • William, our  10-mos-old grandson, is crawling and learning to climb the staircase! His croop-like symptoms seem to be diminishing … giving his mama some much needed relief. He has a smile that can melt icebergs (maybe THAT’S the real source of our global warming issues?!)
  • Bruce and I are getting healthier everyday! The elliptical ‘gadget’ is getting a real workout nowadays!  PTL!  To enjoy all our blessings we’ll be needing our health!
  • Our daughters are ALL such beautiful women … talented in encouraging, coaching, and challenging other women in their lives.

Life is good.  God is SO GOOD!

Super Bowl Sunday is over…


Can’t say I saw much of the ‘action’ … but did hang out in the LR with DH … he watched TV and I played on the pc! As a former Indianapolis resident, I’m happy for the Colts … DH is ecstatic! Thrilled! He’s been a Colts fan for years! I’m imagining what my old workplace is like today…one BIG party I suspect.

During the Big Game, I tried out some new photoshop skills and got two pages done for my nephew, David. To see them, visit my gallery . That done, a friend and I braved the 18 degrees below zero weather and went to see the movie, The Queen.

Goodness. I’m not sure WHAT the screen writers wanted me to feel, but I found myself thinking, “How glad I am that the colonists left that governing body.” Do the Brits really think the monarchy is ‘at fault’ for Diana’s demise (as the movie seems to suggest)? Do/did they claim no responsibility for the way the general british population (and a fair number of folks all around the globe, for that matter) pumped up the market for ‘all things Diana’ … feeding the distribution channels that in the end ruined this woman’s life (she, of course, played a role it all of it-no doubt there). Aargh! Needless to say, while I did enjoyed ‘getting out’ of my igloo, will not go on my list of favorite movies.

Let’s all agree to stop living through other people’s lives and begin living OURS!