DIY: Printing on fabric


Recently, I wanted to make some cute, vintage-style aprons for our granddaughters. They would both be made from the same fabric, but I wanted to be able to tell them apart (you know, who’s is who’s) so I decided to put a “custom design” on the lining of the apron’s bodice.  Here’s a snapshot view of the steps.

Making Aprons

Supplies Needed:

  • Light colored woven fabric (I used white Kona cotton). I recommend you pre-wash it so there is no sizing or starch in the fabric. It will probably print better if you do not use a fabric softener in the rinse or dryer.
  • Spray adhesive (I used Dritz, found at my local JoAnn’s store).
  • 1 sheet of light-weight card stock (I used a recycled promotional ad from the mail).
  • Scanner (only needed if you want to scan part of the fabric to use it in your design).
  • Inkjet printer.
  • Editing software (I used Photoshop, but you could use any software that allows you to add text to images, ie Word). NOTE:  In this tutorial I do not cover the topic of creating your design or how to use your software.

Printing on fabric


  1. Spray your cardstock using the manufacturer’s directions (I did this outside so the over-spray didn’t get on my crafting table or the floor).
  2. Place your fabric on the cardstock…try to align the grain with the paper’s edge so it isn’t stretched. Work out any bubbles or wrinkles in the fabric. Trim off any fabric that extends past the edges of the paper so it doesn’t get jammed in the printer.
  3. Set up your “design” in the software you are using. As you can see below, I imported a scan of the fabric, then added personalized text for each of the girls.
    Maya's Design
  4. Load the cardstock/fabric into the printer.
  5. Print.  You know, sometimes I can get the “cart ahead of the horse” and this was one of those days. I got so excited about my project that I cut the bodice linings before I printed. No worries! It worked out okay … I just had to be careful that the fabric didn’t catch as the printer feed it through. Normally, I print first, then cut. Much less worry!
  6. Heat set the ink with a dry iron and assemble your project.

Enjoy! You can print anything you want on fabric … just imagine all the possibilities! I’m thinking I will make some custom designs for the outside of a bodice next!

Here is one of the finished aprons … isn’t it adorable? Now I just need to get the granddaughters to come for a baking day!

Final apron viewIMG_2471

Happy Crafting!


The Bay


I’m working my way through the stash of photos that have been languishing on my external hard drive. These pictures are from one of my winter visits to the San Francisco Bay Area a.k.a. my sister’s house! I love when I get to go and spend time with her! She and her husband always make me feel so welcome. During my visit on this particular trip I had the chance to meet-up with an old high school friend who lives in Sacremento. She and her son drove down to Marin and picked me up. We then spent our day together at the Marin Headlands.

Kits: Color Inspiration 8-20-2010 by Katie Pertiet, Childs Life by EloDesigns, Playful Spirit by EloDesigns.
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Location History: Wikipedia

Leapin’ Lizards!


We love to have “fun” with the grandkids! You know … play practical jokes. So, on a recent shopping trip we stumbled upon these very life-like lizards, frogs, snakes, etc and couldn’t resist the urge to buy a bag full! What fun we had laughing at the “surprise” we would have on their next visit. The critters were place very strategically on the front porch  and along the walkway (and a snake or two were “lying in wait” in the bedroom … but THAT is a story for another day!)

Kit: Lazy Afternoon by JennCK Designs
Template: Tuesday Template 8-30-2011 @ ScrapMatters by MHK ScrapBytes
Photos: my Android!

Let’s Cook!


Our sweet little Ms. Scarlett! This little ball of energy is such a joy … quick smiles, infectious laugh, and the sweetest spirit. I couldn’t resist gathering these adorable pictures together into a two page layout so they could join the family album in style!


Kit – Gina Cabrera’s Digitally Smitten

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Stoke the Fire!


WHAT a difference one year makes! Last summer at this time we were up to our eyeballs in relocation activities! Now that our Must-Do list is much more manageable we are trying to take in some of the local events. So, Bruce bought tickets to the Annual Stoke the Fire BBQ Festival at Sloss Furnaces in downtown Birmingham Not having any idea as to what we could expect, we set out with our comfy walking shoes and two umbrellas (it was threatening rain, and we’ve learned that the rain can fall fast and furious). With the help of our GPS we found the place and began our adventure!

The place was bustling with people! There were “teams” set up in roped-off areas all along our path from the entrance to the area under the viaduct where we could see even more teams of grillers! Sadly, we arrived toward the end of the BBQ Contest period so most of the samples were gone. We managed to find one contestant with samples – fresh off the grill – DELISH!

After eating, we decided to tour the outdoor ‘yards’ around the furnaces and found it fascinating. Lots of old, rusty artifacts. By the end of our afternoon I was convinced that we would be coming back!

Kit: Digitally Smitten by Gina Carbrera

The Tea Party


In recent years, a political group called, “The Tea Party” has sprung up … forever changing the picture in my mind when I hear that phrase. When our daughter called to tell me she’d emailed me some adorable photos of their tea party, well … I was pleasantly surprised! I immediately put them together in a pair of memory book pages. Adorable! Simply Adorable!

Left-hand page

Right-hand page

My favorite picture has to be the one where the youngest is holding her saucer with her feet and picking up her cup … how precious is that!

Kit by Echo Park
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The Southernmost Point


The southernmost point in the continental U.S.A is found on the island of Key West, Florida. We gathered early in the morning at the site of the famous marker for some group shots and manditory “ooooo-ing” and “ahhhhh-ing” which the boys found borish. Fortunately we were able to find some interesting things later in the day that pleased them.

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